'Angampora' is the traditional martial art of Sri Lanka, which is one of the oldest fighting disciplines in the world. It has a recorded history of over 2000 years and the myths and folklore that reveal the existence of this unique martial art for over 33000 years. There were many ancestral families engaged in 'Angampora' and of them the 'Korathota Arachchi' family from Korathota, Kaduwela is significant. We form a part of the traditional 'Angampora Fighters' who fought the bloody 'Battle of Mulleriyawa' under the leadership of 'Seethawaka Rajasinghe' resulting in a humiliating defeat to the Portuguese in 1562' In recognition of the valiancy displayed, King Rajasinghe gifted lands in Korathota, Kaduwela to our forefathers; which we still live on and will cherish for many more years to come. Subsequently 'Angampora' was banned by the British regime and the martial art was suppressed.

With a view to revive the art, in 2010 the 'Ange Mediall Ranapila' from Korathota headed by the undersigned displayed the skills and fighting techniques of 'Angampora' to His Excellency the President and obtained his blessings to continue our efforts. As a result we commenced training for the Air Force, Kothalawala Defense University and personnel form the President Security Division and have achieved commendable progress.

During the past 451 years we have commemorated the victory of the 'Battle of Mulleriyawa' to pay homage to our forefathers who fought to defend our motherland. Last year the 451st commemoration was held at BMICH with over 1000 spectators and invitees and the event was given wide coverage by both the electronic and print media.

This year arrangements are underway to hold the 452nd commemoration on 23rd August at the Kularathna Hall, Ananda College Colombo in the form of a cultural event with an 'Angampora' display. The occasion will be graced by Secretary of Defense and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Chief Guest and several other dignitaries.

We, the 'Ange Medilla Ranapila' wholeheartedly extend and invitation to your esteemed entity to grace this occasion and be an inspiration and encouragement to us in our endeavor to uplift this oldest, traditional and spiritual fighting disciplinary in our country.


Published on: 2014-08-07